Digital Learning

Internet today provides a more interactive model of distance learning, although it is more effective when the older methods of communication are replaced with digital tools and the new growing social media platforms. The need for Information and Communication Technology in higher education is important as it creates educational opportunities on a wide scale for those students who are unable to afford traditional classroom teaching modules due to cost ineffectiveness, teacher unavailability, and some other factors.

Information and Communication Technology has gained momentum in establishing a strong foundation in the education system since last decade. Digital learning has taken a new turn and created an impact in the role of unified communication which is not restricted to computer systems but extended to the other communication platforms. The Universities in India seem to be showing more courage than before by playing an active role in the implementation of blended and online learning. KL University is determined to be at the forefront of this phenomenal change of digital learning by introducing Programs that can be accessed in online mode.

The University will offer Degree, Diploma and Certificate Programs that can be accessed by students on their computers and smartphones. The University provides a mobile application platform, where students can easily access the academic content and also interact with their faculty and peers. Students who do not have computers and internet connectivity can opt for mobile learning, where they can view video lectures in an offline mode and continue learning to fulfill their higher education goals. Our programs overcome the failure of classroom learning methodologies and subsequently provide students with relevant and contemporary experiences. The process allows students to successfully engage with technology and prepare them for life after completing their University Degrees. KL University's academic programs incorporate on-campus elements such as human feedback, encouragement, validation, and support thus minimizing the limitations associated with digital learning.

How it Works

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